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DISTANCE TO THE GREEN + Swing Analysis + Game Tracking

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Golf Courses Worldwide

Whether you are flying to London or to Myrtle Beach on your next golf vacation, take Mobitee with you! Make your reservations through our app, get rates, route guidance to the course and more!

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Hole Views:

Plan your shot before you take it! See the hole from a bird's eye view and know distances to hazards and to front, middle and back of the green. Enter your handicap and we'll recommend the best club to use! No other app offers you as many essential features as Mobitee.

GPS Accurate distances

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Whether you are taking aim at the flagstick or avoiding a fairway bunker or water hazard, pinpoint accuracy is just a swipe away with Mobitee, your personal golf caddy.

Scorecard & Statistics

Offer to score for your foursome and add a friendly wager to the round. Mobitee will also track your statistics and offer you index simulation. Can your golf app do all this? Share your great moments with your friends on Facebook after your round!

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Virtual Coach: Club calibration

Enter golf club distances into your virtual bag and allow the app to offer you suggestions based on where you are and where you want to go.

Many game types

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Matchplay anyone? How about a game of best-ball or a scramble? Mobitee will be your scorekeeper and manage your leaderboard while at the same time offering you club advice for your next shot!

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Shot Tracking

Get a better idea of just how far you are hitting that tee shot or long approach with a simple tap on the screen.

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Free Updates

Is your golf course not on the list, or it was modified? Contact Mobitee support and your request will be fulfilled within 72 hours. Our tech support will always help you find a solution for any issue you face.