Preview of Windows Phone Update for Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant

Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant is available on all the popular mobile platforms from iPhone and Android to Windows phone. Our tech staff strives to make Mobitee equally powerful on all devices.

Three major operating systems mean three big updates. Mobitee has already developed significant updates for iPhone and Android. Now it is time to reveal our plan for the Windows Phone 8 OS. Continue reading

New Mobitee GPS Golf App Features!

Early in 2014, Mobitee GPS Golf App presented new features for iPhone users; our big update for Android is in the final stage of development at the moment. As we promised in the previous post, we are going to give you more detailed information on some of the fresh features of Mobitee; Course review and Tee box. Along with aerial view, these features are extremely useful for those golfers who like to test new golf clubs. Continue reading

Mobitee Free, One or Premium – Which of Our Apps is Best for YOUR Golf Game?

The twenty-first century brought with it a lot of technical improvements to all areas of life and golf is no exception. Long ago, players had at their disposal just the minimum required equipment which were clubs and golf balls…what about now? Continue reading

Mobitee CEO Discusses Golf Smartphone App Innovations Inspired by its Users

We’ve written blogs about golf courses and some of the features of our Android and iPhone golf app. In this article we have prepared an interview with Mobitee founder Stan Chapus and IOS developer Dmitri to introduce you to Team Mobitee and to inform you of exciting new updates to our Android and iPhone app.

QStan, there are a lot of Golf GPS applications in the Market, many of them are even free. What makes the Mobitee GPS Golf App different …and better from all the others?

Stan Chapus – First of all I would like to point out Stan_Chapus_Mobitee_CEOthat most of the golf apps are available only for one or two platforms. Mobitee is compatible with all the popular platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Bada. So, if you make up your mind to change your phone system, you will easily find our software in the app store you’ve chosen.

We have a wide variety of features compiled into one app. One more advantage is that you don’t have to pay a yearly subscription fee; we charge you only once when you buy Mobitee Premium. It should also be mentioned that we have а good working relationship with our customers. We always listen to their suggestions and then put them into practice.

Q – How did you come up with the idea of creating an application for golfers?

Stan Chapus – We knew about GPS Equipped Golf Carts. We found it interesting and helpful. When we saw the built-in GPS feature inside new Smartphones, we thought that it could be interesting to provide a personal GPS Assistant for each golfer.

Q – What inspires you and your Team while creating new features for Mobitee?

Stan Chapus – We are golfers and use Mobitee each time we play golf, so we have many ideas to improve and to make our app the most complete and easiest GPS Golf assistant for every player.

One of my iPhone developers, Dmitri, says “it is exciting when you read a very appreciative testimonial and realize that more than 350 thousand people are already using your app. You want to create more and more features to help the golfer’s needs.”

Q – How do you work with customers?

Stan Chapus – We have a great support team who receive customers’ letters and try to fulfill their requirements.  If a user sends us a course request, it is entered into our system and, within 72 hours it is available in the app.

If users have some problems with handling the app, the support team will also be of great help to them, answering questions and making sure our app is easy and fun to use. It is very rewarding for us to receive thankful responses from our customers.

Q – How are you going to reach out to new customers?

Stan Chapus – Our Application is considered to be the most accurate golf tool. It is not a gadget. It is easy and fast to use. Mobitee respects the player and the game. We don’t foul the app and litter the mailing boxes of our customers with advertising. That’s why new customers download and love our app. Also, in the near future, we are going to launch a sponsorship program.

Q – What are your next steps, how are you going to improve your app in the future?

Stan Chapus – 2013 will be amazing for Mobitee and its users!

Many new features will be released:  Statistics, many new game modes… we will also be releasing a new Community website to help users analyze their data and statistics, share information with friends and even meet new golf mates. So stay tuned!

Q – In which countries is Mobitee downloaded most of all?

Stan Chapus – Mobitee is purchased all over the world and, presently, our biggest markets are in the USA, France, the UK, Australia, and Japan. We have partners in many countries who promote our golf GPS app and by these means we are expanding our market.

Q – Is the app available for iPad, iPod touch?

Stan Chapus  – Mobitee is available for iPod touch, but as it has no built-in GPS feature so certain features like Rangefinder will not be available. Shot tracking will not be very accurate because the location is through wireless networks. As for iPad, unfortunately the app is currently not available on this device, but we are going to release it very soon.

Q – What feature of your app do you consider to be the most useful for golfers?  

Stan Chapus – Hard question to answer. I would say four features:

  • distances remaining to front / middle / and back of green
  • our unique flyover feature with Google Maps
  • Scorecard automatic calculation
  • And soon, the statistics

Q – Question for Dmitri; what can you tell us about the process of development?Mobitee_Tech_Dimitri

Dmitri – The process of development? Well, generally we draw new ideas for our app from the users themselves, who send their proposals to our mail and through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Ideas are first considered by the support team, then transferred to our managers who are devout golfers who can evaluate the usefulness of an innovation.

After confirming and clarifying an idea it is given to the designer who creates graphical specifications for the developers.

Next step is writing of the code. Thus the idea actually gets placed into the Mobitee app.

The final stage is testing until smoothness is perfected and bugs are fixed. We keep to such a scheme although, quite often, we use our unique ideas in the app. Each member of Team Mobitee can make suggestion(s) which can be released in the app. So if you come up with any ideas we are always eager to consider it.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask Team Mobitee via email:  Follow @Mobitee on Twitter and “LIKE” us on Facebook!

How Mobitee Advises the Best Golf Club For Your Next Shot

How many times have you heard the saying that “golf is an easy game… it’s just hard to play?” Actually this declaration is all the truth.  It can take hundreds of hours of practice before being able to even enjoy playing golf.

Every golfer was once a beginner and most of us will always be learning in order to improve. As a novice, aside from being able to make the golf ball go airborne for much of the time, you had to learn basics about your irons and woods: club distance and correct selection given the location of the ball on the course. No wonder it is quite difficult for a newcomer to take in the game!

The most clubs you can carry in your bag at once is fourteen and, as a beginner golfer, you can easily select the wrong ones for your level of experience.

Golf club selection, therefore, is of great importance to all players. Perhaps the most important aspect in club selection is to choose a club which will go the appropriate distance.

To answer the question “which club goes what distance?”  is very easy with the Virtual Coach club advice feature of Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder.

Mobitee Virtual Coach golf club adviceThe club advice feature is very easy in use.

First you should organize your golf bag. Go to the My Mobitee screen and add all of the golf clubs giving a name to each club and choosing an image.

There are distance recommendations: if you know your average hitting distance, you can specify distance for each club which will be “advised” during the game.

You can also register all of your distances with the shot tracking feature and get your history whenever you want.

When you are ready to play golf on a specific course (did you use the Concierge feature to make reservations first?)…on the aerial view screen just choose a place on the map where you want to hit your ball and this invaluable feature will advise you as to which club is optimum for the shot. Click here for more information on Mobitee flyover feature.

Isn’t the Virtual Coach awesome? You can now focus on your technique and feel relaxed without worrying about club selection whether it be over-swinging or taking too little club.

The Virtual Coach club advice feature of Mobitee can provide huge dividends to all level of player and will help you drop your handicap.

Check out our YouTube Golf Video offering more details about Mobitee club advice.

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Mobitee GPS Golf App asks, “Why Labor Over Distance?”

Mobitee Golf App Labor Day signifies the un-official end of summer. For many golfers, this weekend is a great opportunity to get together with the foursome before kids return to school and routine rules the roost. If you already have Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant set up on your Iphone or Android smart phone, pull up the golf course you will be playing and set up the automatic scorecard for up to four players, complete with handicap scoring that can be shared via email.

Mobitee Flyover feature Mobitee makes it easy to calculate distances to obstacles, doglegs, distance to front, center and back of the green using a precise GPS tool with moveable target. With our amazing flyover feature, get a bird’s eye view and see the golf hole you will be playing in advance. Your friends will be asking you for advice when they see you easily navigating the golf course with your Mobitee app.

Check out our new 30-second golf video describing more great features of Mobitee.

Going on a family vacation? Take Mobitee with you! Over 34,000 golf courses are available worldwide with more courses added every day and you can even reserve your tee time in advance. Check our list of golf courses and, if you don’t see yours listed, contact us: Your course will be listed within 72 hours. You can also chat with Mobitee on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have never tried Mobitee and think it might be difficult to use, download the trial version for free at and benefit from its features this weekend. If you are already using the Mobitee app, we thank you and hope it is serving you well on the golf course.

From Team Mobitee, have a fun Labor Day weekend.

How to Improve Your Golf Score with Mobitee Flyover Feature

Selecting an unfamiliar golf course to play for the first time is not an easy thing to do. You may first Google the golf course and do your required reading but then it’s off to the Clubhouse, bag in your trunk, raring to go.

You stretch a little, practice a bit on the greens, swing your golf club a few times and head to the first tee, but still the golf course remains unfamiliar to you.

Mobitee Flyover VideosOne more thing is needed (besides taking a deep breath and pulling out your lucky rabbit foot) for good golf course management – a map or aerial view of the holes. Mobitee flyover videos are incredibly helpful and cool in this case.

What is a flyover? A golf course flyover is a virtual tour showing every hole of a golf course as if you were flying in a plane stopping at each tee, fairway and green for a closer look. From tee to green, golf course flyovers provide users with a detailed view from hole one to eighteen showing the distance and layout of the course to plan shots before setting foot on the greens.

It is very simple to use this feature in Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant: you click one button and you’ll see the greens, hazards, doglegs, whatever you want from a bird’s eye view. What makes our flyovers special is that the picture is not animated but real satellite view.

Every golfer should realize the importance of this feature for a successful round of golf. With flyovers, you can find out where to hit your drive, how to avoid traps and how to determine the best angles of approach. If you know all the nuances of a course, you are able to plan your hole-by-hole strategy and score your best.

Questions about Mobitee? Send us an email:

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Mobitee Golf GPS app shares our plans and projects with you

The Mobitee Golf GPS team is working hard to make our smart phone app even more helpful and simply irreplaceable for you. In this post we’d like to share with you our ideas and projects on how we see Mobitee developing over time, acquiring new features which will help clearly distinguish it from other golf apps.

In the next update we are going to develop both shot and score statistics along with scorecard calculation, giving you the possibility to vary your games:

Golf Scorecard Calcuation

Best ball: Each player of the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the round and on each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the group serves as the team score.

Scramble: Each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The best second shot is then determined with all golfers playing their third shots from that spot and so on until the golf ball is in the hole.

Foursome: The first player tees off, the second player hits the second shot, the first player hits the third shot, and so on until the golf ball is holed. Players alternate hitting tee shots so that the same player doesn’t hit every drive. The team that gets the higher score wins the game.

Wagers: Sometimes golfers like to add some additional <ahem> incentive and competition during their Sunday afternoon rounds. Adding a bit of monetary wagering or simply playing for bragging rights can often bring out the best (or worst) game of any golfer!

Match play: A player, or team, earns a point for each hole in which they have bested their opponents as opposed to stroke play, in which the total number of strokes is counted over one or more rounds of 18 holes.

And we also have good news for beginners and professionals who want to make their game more perfect: in 2013 Mobitee will give you a possibility to upload swing videos, compare them with other swings and even use Swing Graphic Analyze tool!

This is surely not a full list of all innovations you will have within a short time so be sure to follow us to be “in the know”. Here’s how:

Go to for a free trial of our great smart phone app or directly to the iTunes store to download the full version of our iPhone app.

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Let Mobitee be your golf concierge

Are you the type of golfer who rushes out the door hoping that a tee time will be waiting for you at your local golf course only to wind up at the end of a long line?

If so, we’d like to introduce you to yet another cool feature of our Mobitee golf app for Iphone and Android smart phones.

Mobitee Golf Weather assistant

With just a click of your finger you can:

  • find nearby golf courses with their addresses
  • get daily fee prices
  • make tee time reservations
  • receive route guidance
  • get the weather forecast for up to five days in advance for each golf course.

Everything you need for a well-planned golf game begins with Mobitee!

Here is a step-by-step example to show you just how easy it is to find a local golf course.

Click “Play Golf” and “Nearby Courses” and your local course(s) are the first ones to come up on your smart phone screen. Click on “course address” to find best driving, walking and transit directions. Contact the golf course directly using the phone number added to your golf course profile.

Check out our website now to see if your golf course is listed among our over 34,000 mapped worldwide. If your track is not listed, it takes 48-72 hours to get yours listed simply by contacting Mobitee.

Do not hesitate to offer us your ideas, suggestions or requests either on our golf blog, through @Mobitee on Twitter and on our Facebook page.


Remembering good golf shots, keeping statistics is easy with Mobitee

What many customers would like to get from a golf app is statistics. Stats are very useful when you want to remember what golf club you used for a similar shot in a previous round before you play a shot and besides, it’s so delightful to make a great shot and see that you’ve beaten your own record!

Mobitee gives you a possibility to record any shot with the help of shot tracking.

Please note that you must be on the golf course to be able to use shot tracking. When in satellite view mode press on the red button at the bottom-left corner of the main screen and a window will open to save your starting position. Don’t forget to save before leaving the tee!

But… if you forget to save before leaving the tee box, never fret because Mobitee has got it covered!

Our golf app will ask you to save your starting position once you have hit your second shot. In this case don’t save your shot and the default starting position will be recorded, as well as your second hit.

Once your shot has been saved, another window will open allowing you to record the club used for this shot. The clubs shown are the ones in your bag that you have selected for the game. If you don’t want to record your golf club you can go to app’s settings and choose Save shot only.


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