How Mobitee Advises the Best Golf Club For Your Next Shot

How many times have you heard the saying that “golf is an easy game… it’s just hard to play?” Actually this declaration is all the truth.  It can take hundreds of hours of practice before being able to even enjoy playing golf.

Every golfer was once a beginner and most of us will always be learning in order to improve. As a novice, aside from being able to make the golf ball go airborne for much of the time, you had to learn basics about your irons and woods: club distance and correct selection given the location of the ball on the course. No wonder it is quite difficult for a newcomer to take in the game!

The most clubs you can carry in your bag at once is fourteen and, as a beginner golfer, you can easily select the wrong ones for your level of experience.

Golf club selection, therefore, is of great importance to all players. Perhaps the most important aspect in club selection is to choose a club which will go the appropriate distance.

To answer the question “which club goes what distance?”  is very easy with the Virtual Coach club advice feature of Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder.

Mobitee Virtual Coach golf club adviceThe club advice feature is very easy in use.

First you should organize your golf bag. Go to the My Mobitee screen and add all of the golf clubs giving a name to each club and choosing an image.

There are distance recommendations: if you know your average hitting distance, you can specify distance for each club which will be “advised” during the game.

You can also register all of your distances with the shot tracking feature and get your history whenever you want.

When you are ready to play golf on a specific course (did you use the Concierge feature to make reservations first?)…on the aerial view screen just choose a place on the map where you want to hit your ball and this invaluable feature will advise you as to which club is optimum for the shot. Click here for more information on Mobitee flyover feature.

Isn’t the Virtual Coach awesome? You can now focus on your technique and feel relaxed without worrying about club selection whether it be over-swinging or taking too little club.

The Virtual Coach club advice feature of Mobitee can provide huge dividends to all level of player and will help you drop your handicap.

Check out our YouTube Golf Video offering more details about Mobitee club advice.

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