How to Score Golf Groups with Mobitee App

It’s official – Labor Day weekend is upon us and summer vacation is over. There is plenty of sunshine and warm weather left to enjoy a round of golf this weekend and, here at Mobitee, we have a great suggestion.

Spend this last summer weekend in the company of your friends playing golf on your favorite course and let Mobitee show you a few games for foursomes!

A few posts ago we told you about the golf games Mobitee app offers for one and two players. Now it’s time to tell you about types of games for three and four players.

Mobitee is the only golf app on the market which can boast such a large variety of choices on how IMG_0047[1]to organize the round.

With our golf app, you can partake in serious official game formats such as individual stroke and stableford or just have fun.

Here are additional game types which are available for three and four players:

–          Split sixes

–          Scramble

–          Best ball

–          Foursomes

–          Alternate shot

Foursomes and Alternate shot can be played only if there four players in in the group. Split sixes is designed only for three players. Scramble and Best ball can be played either by three or four players.

In this post, let’s talk more about Split sixes. This game format enables you to make a friendly competition totaling three players.



On each hole, six points are at stake and three golfers split those points. At the end of the round, high points wins. If you choose to wager with Mobitee, payouts are based on each players’ accrued points.

Golfer with the low score on the hole gets 4 points, middle score on the hole gets 2 points and high score on the hole gets 0 points.

What about tie scores?

If two players tie for the best score, they receive 3 points each.
If two players tie for second best score, points are allocated 4 – 1 – 1.

It’s that easy…and also remains a fun challenge as Mobitee will help you score the round so you can keep your head in the game!

A FREE Trial version of Mobitee is available for Android and iPhones as well as the Premium version. Which is the right Mobitee for You? Premium versus Free Mobitee Comparison.

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