Mobitee GPS Golf App Update Now Available for IPhone 5

Mobitee, a leader in mobile golf GPS technology, has just released an update for iPhone 5 which includes the recent 6.0 software update. Android users have just received the 1.1.7 version.

This Iphone 5 update brings :

·         Screen resolution improvement for iPhone 5:

          Couldn’t enjoy Mobitee screen resolution to the full extent? Now, no black strips at               the bottom and at the top any more!


·         iOS 6 Bug Fix:

          Our Mobitee app has become even more stable.
          Standard status bar is used instead of a customized one.


·         My Bag Club Fix:

Were golf clubs disappearing in your bag? Now this bug is fixed. Add, create and save your clubs!

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Mobitee IPhone 5 Update
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