Mobitee GPS Golf Application Releases Big iPhone Update 3.0

Scoring and web-based innovations make Mobitee iPhone golf software easier and more social than ever before!


May 28, 2013, Los Angeles, CA:  Mobitee, a leader in GPS golf software for smartphones, has just released Version 3.0 for iPhone users, a complete overhaul of its popular software which includes innovations to make game play easier and more realistic.

Additional game formats, a new and improved scorecard, player handicap calculation and social media “Facebook Sharing” will take Mobitee Golf Assistant software from practical to essential for golfers of all levels.

New game types include match play for up to four players, scrambles, foursomes, individual and team best ball, split sixes and alternate shot. If you want, the software will calculate your new handicap at the end of each game and Mobitee, being a worldwide app, has added correct calculations for USGA, EGA, CONGU, SAGA, and RCGA.

The scorecard will be different for each game: in Easy Mode you will be able to edit with a single hand and in Expert Mode a player will edit each of his shots. Calculations will be saved and will provide statistics for each player.

Probably the most fascinating part of the Mobitee application for any golfer is the ability of the software to provide statistics about your round as well as others within your group from fairways & greens hit in regulation to putting accuracy.

If you are a Facebook fan then you will LOVE the new “Facebook Sharing” option within the Mobitee golf app.

Through the Mobitee application you will have the opportunity to share any birdies and eagles as well as your scorecard (if you played well) directly to your Facebook wall for all of your friends to see.

Although the big update is initially planned for iPhone users and iOS devices, Google Play devices will receive data save and synchronization for golf clubs, games, players, golf courses, settings and shot tracking as well as the unique Facebook Connect update. The rest of this upgrade process should take place in early fall for non-iOS users.

Mobitee CEO Stan Chapus said about the update, “This update is one of the most important ones we’ve done for a while. We decided to add many new amazing exclusive features all at the same time. We’ve added complete statistics of games which were asked by many of our users, and we also added lot of new game modes as Match play, Best Ball, Foursome, Scramble.”

Chapus mentioned, “We also decided to finalize this version with Facebook sharing options. This update is a huge new step to make Mobitee the best Golf GPS Assistant in the world”.

Future updates in development include exciting social media refinements but Mobitee will not disclose further details until the release except to say, “This is going to blow your mind.” 

About Mobitee:

A French company which has successfully brought their GPS/Rangefinder app software to the U.S. Market, Mobitee boasts seventeen full-time, committed developers who have created an ever-evolving multifunctional GPS Golf App which can also be used as a scorecard, rangefinder, shot tracker, club recommender and more for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smart phones. A free trial version is available at and complete paid version is under twenty-five dollars with free updates and no annual subscription fees.


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