Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Android 2.0.1 Version Released

In 2013, Mobitee released a BIG update with statistics for iPhone users. This version brought users many fascinating features and made our app even more powerful and useful. No other application for smartphones can boast the same list of features as Mobitee.

And now, as promised, we have published the same update for another major operating system – Android!

Today, all Android users as well as those who want to switch can enjoy all of the variety of Mobitee’s new features such as Statistics, new game types, handicap allowance and wagers. All of these features have already been described in detail in our previous posts for the iPhone version. And, of course, you will have a detailed user guide right inside of the app!

Mobitee Game Set Up ScreenMobitee Score Screen

Mobitee Individual Stroke Play

Mobitee Individual Stroke Play

The only feature to be updated in the Android Version 2.0.1 is Facebook sharing, and be sure that it will be added shortly – we will keep you updated as to it’s progress!

The BIG update for Android has become available for all the users since the release of version 2.01 where some minor bugs are fixed.

Explore and enjoy new golf courses with the best golf GPS assistant on the market!

Mobitee SNEAK PREVIEW: Very soon, we plan to have one more surprise for our users – the launch of Mobitee Community website. You will be able to track even more stats, share your scorecards, or just chat with your golf friends and discuss your game improvements.

Mobitee will always remain the most innovative app on the iPhone and Android markets!

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