New Mobitee GPS Golf App Features!

Early in 2014, Mobitee GPS Golf App presented new features for iPhone users; our big update for Android is in the final stage of development at the moment. As we promised in the previous post, we are going to give you more detailed information on some of the fresh features of Mobitee; Course review and Tee box. Along with aerial view, these features are extremely useful for those golfers who like to test new golf clubs.

Golf Course Reviews MobiteeLet’s start with Course review.

On the Clubhouse screen you will see the average rating of your chosen golf course.

Click on it and you will see overall ratings of other Mobitee users who already made their choice as well as their comments.

Ratings consist of six points: Field Condition, Club House, Team, Prices, Restaurant and Equipment. You are able to rate each parameter from one to five stars. We would also appreciate if you leave a comment regarding the course, so that future players will be able to learn from your experience.

To add your own comments, click on “edit” button on the top right corner of the screen and speak your opinion. We created this feature to make our app more informative and help give you first impressions of the course.

Now let’s have a look at the Tee Box feature.

Our Team sometimes cannot find correct information regarding tees (slope and SSS values). In this case you can add them yourself.

Click on the “Tee Box” button to see all the tees available in the app and the overall length for each of them.

If a color relating to a marker is missing (Senior, Women) you can easily add it. This feature is not only slope and course rating, it also gives length of hole. If it is missing the text is highlighted in red color.

Don’t worry if lengths are missing. You will see all the actual hole lengths on the aerial view screen. As you can see, this info is more statistical. You can also use this information to evaluate (based on the overall length info) how much time you will approximately need to play eighteen holes (or just front or back nines).

Mobitee Tee Box ScreenMobitee Course-Slope Rating

If you want to edit the existing Tee Box,simply click on it. At the top of the screen you will see slope and course rating values which are needed to get net scores.

Below you will see hole info: Number, Par, Hcp and Length. Click on any of the holes to open edit scroller, make your edits and do not forget to save the changes. At the moment this data is stored only on your devices, but very soon we’ll start to save it on our server as well so all of our customers are able to use it.

We hope you enjoy our golf blog and look forward to our future updates. If you have questions about Mobitee GPS Golf App, please contact us at:

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