New Mobitee GPS Golf App Features!

Early in 2014, Mobitee GPS Golf App presented new features for iPhone users; our big update for Android is in the final stage of development at the moment. As we promised in the previous post, we are going to give you more detailed information on some of the fresh features of Mobitee; Course review and Tee box. Along with aerial view, these features are extremely useful for those golfers who like to test new golf clubs. Continue reading

Mobitee Free, One or Premium – Which of Our Apps is Best for YOUR Golf Game?

The twenty-first century brought with it a lot of technical improvements to all areas of life and golf is no exception. Long ago, players had at their disposal just the minimum required equipment which were clubs and golf balls…what about now? Continue reading

Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Presents New Features for 2014

Spring has finally arrived which also unofficially heralds the beginning of golf season for amateur golfers, who have to wait until snow melts and golf courses become green and welcoming again.

Team Mobitee has been dilligently forging ahead behind the scenes developing more and more new features, thus aiming to become the most full and reliable Golf GPS application for both iPhone and Android devices. Our Company’s target is to make your golf rounds even more pleasant and easy to handle! Continue reading

Why Mobitee Golf Infographic

Why add Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant app to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone?

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced golfer, Mobitee’s combination of user-friendly features will make you more knowledgeable about both the golf course and your game.

Here are a few of our thirty-eight features that can eventually replace the different gadgets in your bag with one tool that guides, directs and offers you ways to lower your handicap.

1. GPS – Pinpoint Accuracy

2. Rangefinder

3. 3-D Flyover feature

Track your shots, view aerial images of over 35,000 golf courses worldwide and get distances to any point on the golf course using the accurate rangefinder and 3-D flyover feature.

4. Scorecard and Statistics – Mobitee will also track your statistics and offer you index simulation…can your golf app do all this?

5. Golf Club Advice – Does your 7-iron go 140 yards? Enter your distances and get club advice from your virtual coach during your round of golf.

6. So many game types, so little time! Bored by the usual stroke play? How about a round of Matchplay …or best-ball…or a scramble with your mates? With Mobitee Golf Assistant, change up your game…and perhaps add a friendly wager using our app while keeping your head in the game.

Mobitee is all this and so much more!! Find out for yourself. Try Mobitee for FREE!


Why Mobitee Infographic

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Holiday Cheer from Mobitee – Huge Golf Discount Offer Wrapped in an App!

Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant has announced that we will be offering a 30% discount on our GPS app to iPhone, Android and Windows phone users to herald in the New Year.

Gift-giving should be easy, fun and should keep on giving! Instead of the usual stocking stuffer, Mobitee’s innovative and user-friendly rangefinder, shot, statistics and handicap tracker, club adviser and scorecard will empower the golfer in your life the ability to improve his or her game. Now, you can also play new game types and offer up a friendly wager!

Your friends will be asking you for advice when they see you easily navigating the golf course with your Mobitee app!

With eleven more features than its nearest competitor, our end-of-year, special savings offer makes Mobitee the least expensive golf app on the market with the most features!

Stan Chapus, CEO of Mobitee, further explains, “It is a real tool to help every golfer. It is a virtual caddie, a reliable golf companion.”

Take advantage of this exciting, limited-time offer from December 21, 2013-January 2, 2014. 

The thirty percent discount has been applied directly at the point of sale – iTunes, Google Play, Windows phone and Blackberry – so neither codes nor special coupons are needed.

Some features for Android and Windows phone will be available with the next update so now is certainly the time to download Mobitee and set up this great golf app for the spring golf season.

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Gobble Up 30 Percent Discount from Mobitee – LIMITED TIME OFFER

Mobitee GPS Rangefinder offers Black Friday holiday cheer with thirty-percent discount on its award-winning golf app. Take Advantage of this Special Offer Now – See Details Below.

Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant has announced that it will be offering a thirty percent discount for ONE WEEK ONLY on its GPS golf app to iPhone, Android and Windows users.

Mobitee, an innovator in the creation of GPS Rangefinder golf apps and a Top-50 Paid iOS App in iTunes Sports category with over 200,000 reported downloads, wanted the gift selection process to be a simple and inexpensive one this year for families with golfers who want to improve their game.

Mobitee iPhone version 3.05 encourages players to try the accurate GPS, Rangefinder and Flyover features as well as utilize all that has distinguished our golf app from the competition; track statistics, calculate handicap, play new game types and offer up a friendly wager. With eleven more features than its nearest competitor, this special savings offer makes Mobitee the least expensive golf app on the market with the most features!

Stan Chapus, CEO of Mobitee states, “Mobitee is a real tool to help every golfer.  It is a virtual caddie, a reliable golf companion.”

Current iPhone users agree, “The best of the 4 that I’ve tried” and “Two thumbs up on this one.”

The offer to download Mobitee at the reduced rate of $17.50 begins on Wednesday November 27th and ends on December 4th 2013. Simply download through iTunes, Google Play or Marketplace– the thirty percent discount will automatically take effect and has been applied directly at the point of sale so neither codes nor special coupons are needed!

Some features for Android and Windows phone will be available in the next updates so now is certainly the time to download Mobitee and set up this great golf app for the spring golf season.

Get Mobitee NOW for the Golfer in your life and, if you have not yet tried our phenomenal GPS, Rangefinder, Statistics and Handicap tracker (with super cool ability to make friendly wagers with your golf foursome), NOW is the PERFECT time to do so!



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From Match Play to Stroke, Golf Games to Liven Any Round

How many different types of golf games have you played? Go ahead and count along with us: the most popular golf games are stroke and match play and, during group events, you probably have played in a Best-Ball or in a Stableford competition.

The fact is that there are dozens of golf games created to liven up any round, among which you can find ones with really funny and strange names but which will not even give you a clue how to play them.

For example, have you ever heard of Cut Throat, The Bear, The Rabbit, Three Little Pigs, or Devil Ball? Where you wouldn’t find these games being played in official events on the PGA Tour, you can always try one while playing a friendly round with your partners.

Team Mobitee is working diligently on making the most popular game formats available in our golf app. Currently, we offer six game types: Individual, Split Sixes, Scramble, Best Ball, Foursomes and Alternate Shot.  Depending on the type of game you choose, there are three scoring systems: Stroke, Stableford and Matchplay.

Below is a brief description of one and two-player golf game types available on Mobitee:

Mobitee game setupLet’s start from the Mobitee game setup screen.  At the top of the screen, you can choose up to four players for the round.

Next choose game type. For one player there are Individual Stroke and Stableford scoring modes; for two players you can also choose Match Play.

For the next step, choose which holes to play.

Click on the course format and switch between eighteen holes, front nine and back nine – then you can also choose the hole from which you wish to start.

In the event you have selected two players, you will also have one more option available – wagers.

Having set up your golf game, proceed to next screen, add players and start your round!

Let’s take a look at the scorecard. After completing the last hole edit, you will be offered to see the scorecard – the first screen will be the Leaderboard. To switch to net score results, clicking on the text below the score will view how it looks in the example of gross score.

To Par shows your score with respect to par. For example, in our case Emily’s score +15 means that she made 15 shots more than the par of the course.

Score – total gross score for the round. The less the better.

Thru – shows home many holes you have already played. F means that all the holes were completed.

Progression – shows your passion with respect to the position after previous hole. For example, on the 16th hole you were points behind but made birdie on the 17th hole and moved to you first position… in this case, there will be +1 in front of your name. E means that your position has not changed since the previous hole.

Mobitee Gross Leaderboard

Click on the man image near the menu button to see scores for each hole.

Scores line shows your gross score, Net scores will display your score when taking handicap and extra strokes into account.

Near Emily’s name there is Hcp and Virtual Hcp values.

Hcp is your current Hcp (the one before the round started), Virtual Hcp is the Hcp which is calculated during the current round. It’s up to you whether to apply Virtual Hcp at the end of the round or not.scorecard

Next week, we will tell you about game types for three and four players available in our Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant. Stay tuned!

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Mobitee Live on The Golf Club Radio Show

Golf Club Radio ShowMobitee Golf GPS app was featured this weekend on The Golf Club Radio Show®, a premier radio and internet talk show broadcasting golf professionals, sports shrinks, authors, mental coaches and PGA news makers.state-wide to Hawaii and across America.

Host Danielle Tucker interviewed Derek Jennings, Managing Director of Yocapp, LLC., the exclusive distributor of Mobitee Golf Assistant in the US & Canada.

Derek_JenningsAmong the topics of discussion, Derek and Danielle talk about the ease of use, GUI and multiple features of the app, from GPS and Flyovers to Rangefinder and Statistics features (12 more features than in its nearest competitor) and how, with cooperation from Google Maps, Mobitee is able to offer 35,000 golf courses to its users.

Listen to The Golf Club Radio Show here:

Mobitee segment with Derek Jennings begins at 1:05:03 but the entire show is educational and fun with additional nationally recognized guests:

Donna Orender: Consultant to the PGA of America
leading Golf 2.0 “Connecting with Her” strategy

Craig Foster: Founder of Dyn-Align

Charlie Neconie: Assistant Golf Professional at Mamala Bay
on Hickam AFB.

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How to Use Scores and Recoveries Feature In Mobitee Golf GPS Caddy

What do all golfers wish for, aside from the holy grail of a hole-in-one? Most players want to improve their handicaps, which means that the ultimate aim is to make more pars, birdies and eagles while avoiding penalties and hazards. But, no matter how skilled you are in the game of golf, you will always have to work through these kinds of difficulties

This week’s featured Mobitee golf blog concludes a series of posts devoted to the use of our app to track and measure your golf statistics, namely, how to use the Scores and Recoveries components.

Mobitee Golf App Score SectionThe Scores section shows the general info on your holes played; the number and percentage of pars, birdies, bogeys etc. As seen from the screenshot above, Emily made 8 pars, 6 bogeys and 3 – 2x bogeys. One hole is missing (as we have only three lines on the screen) and it is birdie; to see it you should scroll down this area of the statistics screen.

Mobitee Screen Shot - ScoresNow let’s have a look at Recoveries. You should use Expert Mode of score edit to be able to track these stats.

Initially, you can look on your scorecard to see on which holes you have bunker shots and penalties, but for this example, just scroll down the area under NET STB – the holes will be marked with number 1.

Mobitee Net Stableford - EmilyNext, go to the Statistics screen to see your results in Percentage (%) in the Recoveries Section. It shows you three values: Scrambling, Penalties Save and Bunker Shots Save. Let’s go into each value a bit further:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.33.34 PMThe PGA definition of scrambling is the percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better. So, if you scrambled, it means that you made fewer than two putts on this hole. On the screenshot you can see that Emily claimed 1 scramble out of 8 possible.

Penalties save means that you finished a hole with par or better in spite of having made a penalty. In Emily’s round, there were 4 penalties and only once the score was par – therefore the percentage is 25%.

Bunker shots save is the percent of time a golfer scored par or better on the holes where he/she trapped into bunkers. If you have a high percentage here, this can only mean that you find the bunkers quite easily.

I wish you to score only pars and better and your recoveries section remain empty during and after your rounds!

Questions and need our help? Contact us – Team Mobitee will offer you turnaround time usually within 72 hours.

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Latest Mobitee Golf App Updates for iPhone, Android and Windows

In this blog, Mobitee Golf Assistant describes improvements and changes to the App after the latest update releases for all three platforms: iPhone (and iPads), Android and Windows Phone.


Mobitee for iPhone_Android_Windows



Let’s begin with the Mobitee iOS platform:

  • New Handicap allowance
    We can now apply a percentage for the playing handicap.
  • New bag feature – Have you added a lot of unused golf clubs? No problem! Now you can reset the bag to the default with one click.
  • Score edition tweak 1:
    Save PAR automatically if you press OK or CARD in Score Screen.
  • Score edition tweak 2:
    You will see the leaderboard right after entering scores for your group.
  • Score edition tweak 3:
    “Picked ball” is now in first position
  • Long name of golf courses now display properly in the list as a scrolling text
  • GPS issue fix:
    We offer our apologies to those customers who received this error. You will not face this bug any more.
  • App freeze fix:
    This bug appeared only in version 3.0; we quickly fixed it in the Mobitee version 3.0.1
  • Holes count for 2nd 9-holes fix
    If you choose to play only the back nines, the hole numbering will start from number ten.
  • Ipad optimization
    All the images in the app now perfectly fit the iPad screen size


Now let’s see what Android Update brings:


  • New app icon with silver contour: 
    Now you will not confuse Mobitee Premium with our Lite version. Lite version icon remains unchanged
  • Data losing after sync fix:
    Now your data will not be lost under any circumstances
  • Loading issue when detecting a public WIFI fix:
    It was quite a rare bug but our developers managed to fix it. After you download the golf course at home, it will be stored in your device storage as long as you wish without any losses.
  • Various design fix:
    We made some adjustments for Android devices with high resolution
  • GPS issue fix

Windows Logo
Let’s proceed to our third major platform – Windows Phone:


  • Range Finder crash fix:
    A long awaited fix of Rangefinder is finally complete. Now you can use this option without fear of application crash
  • GPS issue fix:
    Previously you faced problems with GPS when wanting to continue a saved round. Everything works fine now!
  • Loading app issue fix:
    Now, the golf course images load much faster
  • Bag issue fix:
    In the previous Mobitee version, if you wanted to log into a different account, the golf clubs from the old account were loaded to the new account. Now the issue is fixed.


Not all GPS golf apps can boast such attentive customer support as Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant. Team Mobitee is hard at work to make our app the best golf application in the world. Our managers and support staff carefully consider all requests received from our customers and, after an in-depth examination, we add new features and fix some bugs. The result of this persistence is represented in our updates.

Mobitee welcomes all comments, questions and requests:

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