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Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant – Review – October 2, 2014

GolferTech, a website about technology based golfing products, has just published a review on Mobitee.Individual Stroke Play

“The Mobitee golf app is an excellent choice for anyone wanting a range finder. I feel this app would benefit not just beginners in Golf but also the more experienced players too. The price is very reasonable, includes regular updates…and, when it comes to battery life on my iPhone 4S, it holds up very well. I find it will use less than 50% of my battery over 18 holes.” Read more by clicking on the above link!


The Best iPhone Apps for Golf – June 16, 2014

Apppicker, a website which reviews and discusses iPhone applications, recently listed Mobitee Premium as one of the top golf apps in iTunes. Follow the link above to read the full list.


Mobitee Live on The Golf Club Radio Show – 11-4-2013

Golf Club Radio Show icon

Mobitee Golf GPS app was featured on The Golf Club Radio Show®, a premier radio and internet talk show broadcasting golf professionals, sports shrinks, authors, mental coaches and PGA news makers.state-wide to Hawaii and across America.

Host Danielle Tucker interviewed Derek Jennings, Managing Director of Yocapp, LLC., exclusive distributor of Mobitee Golf Assistant in the US & Canada.

Continue reading article on Mobitee Golf Blog.



Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Review – 7-15-2013


Chances are in any of your last couple of rounds of golf you’ve encountered someone using their mobile device to obtain some sort information to help them through the round. In this modern era of golf that we are in there seems to be a new “must have” phone app every week.

In order to be competitive in this market there are certain standards that have to be met. The software has to be user friendly, visually enticing, affordable and most of all it has to work.

Mobitee’s Mobile Golf Assistant is one of the newer apps on the market that fits the bill.

Read article on Three Golf Guys Website.



Ten types of apps that every golfer should have on their iPhone or Android device

There are thousands of different apps available on the market today for a wide range of different purposes. For golfers,hundreds of apps have the potential to be useful to have on their device.

With this in mind, TopBirdie reprinted this article by Gorilla Golf Blog offering up Mobitee as one of the best Golf GPS Rangefinder Apps.

Read more on TopBirdie website.


Mobitee GPS Golf App Review

GolfRangefinderThis Mobitee GPS Golf App Review is based upon its performance on the iPhone 5 with OS 6.01 as well as observations from iPhone user reviews.

“The truth is that the overwhelming enthusiasm in the user reviews that I read made me a little suspicious. However after using the Mobitee Golf App myself, I can give it my personal thumbs up. It’s extremely robust in features and yet super simple to use.”

Continue reading iphone golf app review on The Golf Rangefinder Shop website.



Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant Review

Ottawa Golf Blog
This has been one great season of golf. Plenty of new and different courses played and lots of great new people I’ve met on the links. I’ve had the pleasure of testing out Mobitee’s Mobile Golf Assistant for most of the season here are my thoughts on this App that is a GPS, Scorecard and Range Finder all rolled into one.
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A free Valentine’s Gift for the golfer you love

I’m not a big fan of January.  The excitement of  Xmas is over and all we have to look forward to is snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Oh and did I mention darkness?  It’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home at night.  And to top it off there are no more statuatory holidays until March.
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Mobitee is the best GPS assistant, scorecard keeper, distance calculator, rangefinder and virtual coach, all rolled into one amazing app. Inside, you’ll find tools that have been developed by golfers for golfers. Yes, this application was made for you.
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Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard Flyover

100,000 people addicted to Mobitee Golf Assistant can t be wrong! Don t spend hundreds on Golf GPS hardware! With Mobitee get not only a GPS, but a scorecard keeper, a distance calculator, a rangefinder and a virtual coach, all rolled into one amazing app. Save up to 95% and get more than any GPS hardware has to offer!
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Mobitee GPS Golf App

Even though I have never been much of a GPS guy, I’ve really enjoyed having the Mobitee GPS on my droid. Part of the reason I have not had a GPS is because I play 90% of my golf on the same course. I guess I was of the mindset that there is not much use for a GPS app on a course that I have played a few thousand times, but I was wrong. In terms of ease, it loaded quickly and without hassle on my phone. Here is a quick look at the features taken from the Mobitee website.
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Review: MOBITEE Golf GPS App

Using a distance finding device (GPS or Laser) has been a real benefit to most golfer’s games. Knowing really how far you hit your clubs and how far you are from the hole is really helpful. It is also an investment. A basic golf GPS unit is going to cost you at minimum $150 for anything respectable and the good ones are closer to $300+. Imagine if you could get a GPS unit that offers everything a $300+ unit does for only $30. You’d jump on the deal wouldn’t you?
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Is MOBITEE The Best Golf App For The iPhone?

I finally broke down and decided to use a golf app for my iPhone. I believe every golfer should be using GPS or a Rangefinder… PGA Tour players have their caddies but the general public was often left to discover yardage markers placed “strategically” throughout the golf course. If Tour players are getting precise yardages before each shot, don’t you think it would benefit amateur golfers too?
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Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard Flyover App Review

The Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard Flyover app from the Mobitee company has got to be the ultimate golfing app currently in the iTunes app store. The app has had more than 100,000 downloads and it’s easy to see why. There are many useful features included with this app, which are fantastic for golfers, including the GPS function, shot tracking, scorecard, aerial view, golf guide, and more. The Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard Flyover app is your very own virtual caddie right in the palm of your hand.
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Leader of the Pack: Mobitee Golf GPS App Excels on the Course

Cell phones are omnipresent for most of us. They provide access to email, the internet and apps that do everything from providing directions to recipes.
In recent years, golf GPS apps have risen to prominence, replacing the need for a laser range finder for many players.
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