Extreme 19th – Experience the Hardest Golf Hole Ever!

One of the most exotic, also the most extreme holes in golf is located in South Africa. The so called “Extreme 19th” is the highest (altitude difference between tee-ground…and the green is 400 meters) and longest par-3 hole in the world. Continue reading

Mobitee Free, One or Premium – Which of Our Apps is Best for YOUR Golf Game?

The twenty-first century brought with it a lot of technical improvements to all areas of life and golf is no exception. Long ago, players had at their disposal just the minimum required equipment which were clubs and golf balls…what about now? Continue reading

Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Presents New Features for 2014

Spring has finally arrived which also unofficially heralds the beginning of golf season for amateur golfers, who have to wait until snow melts and golf courses become green and welcoming again.

Team Mobitee has been dilligently forging ahead behind the scenes developing more and more new features, thus aiming to become the most full and reliable Golf GPS application for both iPhone and Android devices. Our Company’s target is to make your golf rounds even more pleasant and easy to handle! Continue reading

Latest Mobitee Golf App Updates for iPhone, Android and Windows

In this blog, Mobitee Golf Assistant describes improvements and changes to the App after the latest update releases for all three platforms: iPhone (and iPads), Android and Windows Phone.


Mobitee for iPhone_Android_Windows



Let’s begin with the Mobitee iOS platform:

  • New Handicap allowance
    We can now apply a percentage for the playing handicap.
  • New bag feature – Have you added a lot of unused golf clubs? No problem! Now you can reset the bag to the default with one click.
  • Score edition tweak 1:
    Save PAR automatically if you press OK or CARD in Score Screen.
  • Score edition tweak 2:
    You will see the leaderboard right after entering scores for your group.
  • Score edition tweak 3:
    “Picked ball” is now in first position
  • Long name of golf courses now display properly in the list as a scrolling text
  • GPS issue fix:
    We offer our apologies to those customers who received this error. You will not face this bug any more.
  • App freeze fix:
    This bug appeared only in version 3.0; we quickly fixed it in the Mobitee version 3.0.1
  • Holes count for 2nd 9-holes fix
    If you choose to play only the back nines, the hole numbering will start from number ten.
  • Ipad optimization
    All the images in the app now perfectly fit the iPad screen size


Now let’s see what Android Update brings:


  • New app icon with silver contour: 
    Now you will not confuse Mobitee Premium with our Lite version. Lite version icon remains unchanged
  • Data losing after sync fix:
    Now your data will not be lost under any circumstances
  • Loading issue when detecting a public WIFI fix:
    It was quite a rare bug but our developers managed to fix it. After you download the golf course at home, it will be stored in your device storage as long as you wish without any losses.
  • Various design fix:
    We made some adjustments for Android devices with high resolution
  • GPS issue fix

Windows Logo
Let’s proceed to our third major platform – Windows Phone:


  • Range Finder crash fix:
    A long awaited fix of Rangefinder is finally complete. Now you can use this option without fear of application crash
  • GPS issue fix:
    Previously you faced problems with GPS when wanting to continue a saved round. Everything works fine now!
  • Loading app issue fix:
    Now, the golf course images load much faster
  • Bag issue fix:
    In the previous Mobitee version, if you wanted to log into a different account, the golf clubs from the old account were loaded to the new account. Now the issue is fixed.


Not all GPS golf apps can boast such attentive customer support as Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant. Team Mobitee is hard at work to make our app the best golf application in the world. Our managers and support staff carefully consider all requests received from our customers and, after an in-depth examination, we add new features and fix some bugs. The result of this persistence is represented in our updates.

Mobitee welcomes all comments, questions and requests: info@mobitee.com.

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Measuring Golf Statistics – Putts and Score Improvement

Mobitee continues to introduce you to new features of our iOS version (these features will be soon available on Android). As it was stated in our previous posts on driving accuracy statistics and G.I.R, measuring stats is extremely important for the average golfer to be able to analyze, and work on, strong and weak points of the game.

Today Team Mobitee wants to help you brush up on two more statistics components we have available within our app: Putts average and Scores average.

PGA Professional Jeffrey Shores believes that putting is one of the most important parts of your golf game. “The fastest way to game improvement and shaving a significant number of strokes off the game is by improving putting”. Fewer strokes equals a lower score and handicap – this is precisely why we included this important statistic into the Mobitee golf app.  

Let’s have a look at the Mobitee statistics screen.

First, note that the Mobitee scorecard displays the number of putts made for each hole and the total number. You are able to fill them in either through Expert mode or Easy mode of Score Editing.

After you have completed filling in the scorecard, scroll down it to see the statistics section.Mobitee Scorecard StatisticsIn Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant, you have two sections in putts average statistics: GIR and Overall.

GIR (greens in regulation) shows the average number of putts made on the holes which you hit.

Overall displays the overall number of putts divided by the number of holes played.

On the screenshot below, you can see that Emily made less than two putts on average, which I should say is quite a good result as most amateur golfers usually make two or more putts.Mobitee putts average

Now let’s understand scores average stats.

Most golf courses have par 3, 4 and 5 holes; par 6’s are also possible but are very rare (Farmstead Golf Links‘ 18th is a 767-yard hole that stretches from North to South Carolina).

The values shown on the screenshot below are the average number of strokes made on holes with par 3, 4 and 5. This kind of statistic can be quite useful if you want to analyze which holes you play better, with a lower or higher par.

Based on this analysis you can plan future strategies while playing holes of different pars.Mobitee Scores Average

Team Mobitee works all of the time to create features which you can use to improve your golf game. Stay tuned for more news.

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Play Golf in the Land of the Free!

ThailandMobitee GPS Golf Assistant travels around the world in search of the best golf courses for you to play. Today we’d like to take you to one of the top tourist destinations of the world, with its name literally translated as “Land of the Free”.

It’s the only country in the whole Southeast Asia that managed to escape European colonization and home to the world’s largest crocodile farm, the largest fish and the smallest mammal, the tallest hotel, the largest gold Buddha any clues?

Perhaps all of us have heard about the huge Buddha at least once, so you are right, today’s golf destination is… Thailand!

Screen of Laem Chabang in Mobitee app

Apart from being the world’s number one orchid exporter, Thailand can also boast thousands of golf courses throughout the country, which attracts around six million tourists every year – interested in not only the country’s beauty but also in first-class golf courses.

Thailand’s golf heritage is around ninety years old and comprises more than two hundred golf clubs, some with thirty-six-holes.

The course we’d like to introduce you to today is called Laem Chabang International Country Club and it’s on the list of best courses in the heart of South Asia …and certainly the best in Pattaya!


Located within a one-hour drive of Bangkok (which once used to be called “Venice of the East”) Laem Chabang is an easy and worthy reach for better amateur golfers coming in for a holiday.


Hole screen from Mobitee app

Consisting of three distinct nines (named Mountain, Lake and Valley) – each has its own characteristics and all three, when combined, create interesting combinations which are equally enjoyable. It’s really worth playing all three, especially since carts are obligatory. 


Jack Nicklaus, the designer of this Signature course,(who also created five other golf courses around Thailand) is really proud to have created a real golf masterpiece. Nicklaus believes that all of his golf courses are direct expressions of himself,


“Designing a golf course is my total expression. I always knew my golf game would only go on so long. But what I have learned can be put into a piece of ground that will last beyond me.”


All the natural landscape advantages have been used to enhance the flavor of this golf course creation. Apart from usual hazards stopping you from reaching the green like bunkers and sand traps there are also numerous natural hazards: exposed rock formations, ponds and creeks. Natural vegetation is so rich here that every tee has a board describing a tree or shrub planted nearby to give the course a unique floral emphasis.

Check out a video flyover of the course here and an overview here.

Laem Chabang

Here are more golf courses that have been requested this week through contact@mobitee.com:

Country State Name of the course Number of holes
USA Arizona Starr Pass – Coyote 9
Netherlands Kurenpolder 9
Japan Ibaraki Okadaira Golf Links 18
Thailand Pattana – white 18
Thailand Laem Chabang Int CC – A-C 18
Thailand Laem Chabang Int CC – B-C 18
Indonesia Permata Krakatau 18
USA Tennessee RiverWatch 18
Spain Hato Verde New 18 18
Colombia Los Buhos 9
Brazil Petropolis 18
Netherlands Schaerweijde 9
Wales Pontnewydd 18
Thailand Wangjuntr – Highland 18
Germany Rittergut Birkhof – Birkenbusch 9
Canada Alberta Provost 9
Argentina Gualeguaychu 9
USA Oregon Diamond Woods 18
Australia Victoria Yea 18
USA Florida The Ritz-Carlton 18
USA Florida Orange Lake – The Legends 18
USA Florida Orange Lake – The Reserve 18
USA Florida Orange Lake – Legends Walk 9
Kuwait Ahmadi 18
Italy Monza – 3 3
Argentina Colon 9
Australia Queensland Corinda 9
Australia Queensland Corinda – Pitch & Putt 18
Japan Fukushima Kita Koriyama CC 9
Korea Ophel GC – 가람 9
Korea Ophel GC – 누리 9
Korea Ophel GC – 마루 9
South Africa Oppenheimer Park 18
Denmark Volstrup – 18 18
Denmark Volstrup – Pay & Play 9
Sweden Eda 18
Sweden Friiberghs 18
Norway Mork – Hovedbanen 18
Norway Mork – Midsizebanen 9
Germany Krogaspe 18
Germany Krogaspe – Kurzplatz 9
England Cheshire Sandfield 9
Australia New South Wales Wingham 9
France Ecole des Abymes 9
Netherlands Westerwolde 9
Denmark Djurs 9
Jamaika Sandals 18
Wales Swansea Bay 18
Angola Mangais 18

By the way, did you know that Tiger Woods’s mother was also born in Thailand? Stay with us to learn more interesting facts about golf!

One more week until the end of the year. With our current percent discount promotion on Mobitee, it’s even easier to give the gift that keeps on giving!

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photo credit: www.mxlarge.comwww.laemchabanggolf.com, Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant

My Kingdom for a Golf Course…in Morocco!

Amelkis Golf Club Morocco

To paraphrase W. Shakespeare from Richard III…If now is the winter of your discontent and you are bored with everyday routine wishing to change the scenery for something more exotic, then the golf course we’re going to introduce you to today is exactly what you need…and it’s in Morocco!

After spending just a few hours on a plane you can get from any European city to a whole new continent and culture, which will leave the best golf memories you’ve ever had. What is even more delightful is that citizens of the Schengen states don’t need visas to enter the country.

Amelkis Golf Club Morocco

Amazing colors, overwhelming spirits, inspiring landscape – this is just a small part of what you’ll find in the Kingdom of Morocco, the country of stunning mosques and bright markets, ancient city centers and ocean-caressed small towns. Most visitors don’t realize that Morocco also offers over forty golf facilities and is visited by more and more golfers every year…the Marrakech Amelkis Golf Club is a convincing evidence.

Opened in 1995, the Amelkis golf complex (named for a Berberian queen) originally consisted of two nine-hole tracks- the Blue and the Red and was joined in 2009 by the slightly longer Green nine. Currently, a fourth nine is being designed so as to offer the most memorable and variable golf facilities.

Amelkis Golf Club Morocco flyover

This course is rated as one of the Top 100 Golf Coursesof the world and provides five-star views from desert dunes to the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas mountains …and water hazards galore!Tricky holes with double doglegs and water hazards are far more than decorative on this golf course. The most intriguing hole of all of the twenty-seven is said to be the par-five number-6 on the Red: it requires a blind drive off the tee avoiding two lakes!

Here is a flyover of the Amelkis golf course.

 Сheck out these new golf courses you can now play using our Mobitee android and iphone golf app:

Country State Name of the course Number of holes
Belgium Ragnies 18
Ireland Ballyliffin – Old Links 18
Pakistan Margalla Greens 18
Italy Zerman 9
Germany Worms 9
South Africa Sandonia 18
Belgium Hainaut – Bruyeres/Quesnoy 18
Netherlands het Woold – De Vier Eijckenbaan 18
England Merseyside Warren 9
Indonesia Mountain View (Dago Pakar) 18
India Silver House 18
Hong Kong Skycity Nine Eagles 9
Japan Fukushima Grandee Nasu Shirakawa GC – West/East 18
Australia New South Wales Leeton 18
China Grandeur South CC – A 9
China Grandeur South CC – B 9
China Grandeur South CC – C 9
China Hunan Dragon Lake Int – A 9
China Hunan Dragon Lake Int – B 9
China Hunan Dragon Lake Int – C 9
Netherlands Jagerspaadje 9
Spain Torrepacheco 9
China Hangzhou Westlake Int 18
South Africa River 18
China Holiday Island – B 9
China Holiday Island – C 9
Spain Golf Urgell (Pitch&Putt) – AEGU Bellpuig 18
Brazil Imperial 18
USA South Carolina Kiawah Island GC – Cassique 18
USA South Carolina Kiawah Island GC – River 18
Japan Gifu Gifu Hashima 18
Indonesia Pantai Indah Kapuk 18
China Chongqing Poly – Eagle 18
China Chongqing Poly – Phoenix 18
Canada Alberta Whitecourt 18
Pakistan River View 18
Northern Ireland Fintona 9
Taiwan Suncity CC 18
Taiwan Taifong 18
China Tianjin Binhai Forest – North Lake 9
China Tianjin Binhai Forest – South Sand 9
China Tianjin Binhai Forest – West Forest 9
China Tianjin Binhai Lake – A 18
China Tianjin Binhai Lake – B 18
China Tianjin Warner Int 18
USA Nevada Boulder Creek – Desert Hawk / Coyote Run 18
Morocco Amelkis – Bleu 9
Morocco Amelkis – Rouge 9
Morocco Amelkis – Vert 9
Paraguay Paraguayo 18
India Pilikula 9
India Coorg Links 18
India ASC 18
Korea Ariji CC – Sun 9
Korea Ariji CC – Moon 9
Korea Ariji CC – Star 9
USA Georgia Kingwood 18
Korea JS CC – Front 9
Korea JS CC – Back 9
USA California Las Positas – Executive 9
India Classic – Ridge – Valley 18
England Derbyshire Tapton Park – 9 holes 9
Morocco Atlas 9
Thailand Pattaya CC 18
USA Hawaii Kahili 18
Denmark Holmsland Klit – Rod 9
Denmark Holmsland Klit – Gul 9
Denmark Holmsland Klit – Hvid 9
Denmark Holmsland Klit – Par 3 6
Norway Kjekstad – Hovedbanen 18
Norway Kjekstad – Korthullsbanen 9
Sweden Salems – Salemsbanan 18
Sweden Salems – Hogantorpsbanan 9
Sweden Lerjedalens – 18 18
Sweden Lerjedalens – 9 9
China Guangzhou Nanhu Lake 18
China Beichen GC (Beijing North Star) 18
China Beijing Daxing Capital 18
Indonesia Karang Joang 18

Add your favorite golf course to our ever-expanding list!  And, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask Team Mobitee via email: contact@mobitee.com.

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photo credit: Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant

X-Games: Golf a Volcano in Italy

You’ll need a rangefinder on this golf course!

Carney_Park_Italy_Golf_CourseLast week we updated our list of over 34,000 golf courses with an unusually designed layout in Italy. What is so special about it? This course lies within a volcanic crater, but have no fear! It’s an extinct volcano and now it’s a peaceful and green oasis.



Carney Park Golf CourseIf you’ve played a few Italian golf courses, you’ll see this one is different; many golfers even call it a piece of America in Italy...Carney Park Golf Course, NSA Naples Golf Course (aka MWR Golf Course).

Carney Park is a U.S.military recreational facility situated within the volcano Campiglione, in the Phlegraean Fields near Naples, Italy.

The park was established in 1966 and the course was built shortly after, in 1969. Named after Four Star Admiral Robert B. Carney who served as Chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower administration, this course is part of a 93-acre park located to the North of Naples.


Carney Park 8th holeThe manager of Carney Park Golf Course is an 18-year experienced PGA Golf Professional. Two PGA Golf Professionals round out the staff but the course has limited access to Active Duty and Retired Military so check the terms here before you set out on this grand adventure.

If you do play here, you’ll also enjoy an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, sport fields, paintball fields and much more which surround this nearly 3,000 yard 9-hole golf course.

Carney Park is great for players who don’t like to hit out of the rough (mowed down even under trees) but who do enjoy the challenge of aiming at fairly small greens. This is perhaps the greenest course I have seen.

Check out a video flyover here.

Here are the newest Mobitee golf courses. Don’t see a course you’ll be playing this weekend? Contact us at info@mobitee.com and we’ll add it within 72 hours:

Country State Name of the course Number of holes
Korea EcoLand Je-ju CC – Wild 9
Korea EcoLand Je-ju CC – Beach Hills 9
Korea EcoLand Je-ju CC – Eco 9
England Cornwall Radnor 18
USA Tennessee Crossings 18
South Africa Durban Deep 18
Netherlands The International 18
China Fuzhou Hot Spring 18
Pakistan PAF 9
USA Georgia Westin 18
Taiwan Chang Hwa 18
USA Arizona Omni Tucson – Catalina 18
USA Arizona Omni Tucson – Sonoran 18
Mexico Las Aves 9
Italy Carney Park 18
Germany Siegerland 18
USA Nebraska Himark – White/Blue 18
USA Nebraska Himark – Red/Blue 18
USA Florida West End 18


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photo credit: ww2.stripes.com


An Unforgettable Quarry Golf Experience in Arizona!

Are you longing for an incomparable golf experience? Are you staying in Arizona right now? If so, one of your best choices will be the only quarry course in the state – Quarry Pines Golf Club. Situated in the Town of Marana, northwest of Tucson, Quarry Pines represents a real evolution in golf course design.

Quarry Pines Golf Course

Originally there was a sand and gravel quarry adjacent to a golf course. In 2000, the quarry was abandoned and ten new golf holes were added while the original Tuscon course was reconfigured and hosted eight holes.

Today you can enjoy marvelous mountain views, an exclusive desert landscape with numerous elevation changes combined with nice green areas and thousands of trees. It’s difficult to imagine that all this natural green beauty (like the blooming palo verde and mesquite trees), once used to be an absolute desert!

Some of the names of the golf holes, Mesquite, Waterfall, Boomerang, Summit, Descend, Deep Breath, Shoe, Buena Suerte (meaning “Good Luck” in Spanish) are intriguing, aren’t they? At Quarry Pines you’ll find an unexpected variety of holes; some with nice flat (easy-to-read?) greens, others with hazardous bunkers guarding the flats. There are holes where you have options, such as to make a risky carry over the lake or try to make it in two careful shots (the same with the doglegs – to cut the corner or not). On some holes you have to pay special attention to the wind, which tends to change direction during the day.

Interested in a more detailed overview of Quarry Pines? Check it out here.

Mobitee YouTube.com flyover view of Quarry Pines. Read our golf flyover instruction blog to help you create your own flyovers using Mobitee.

Have you requested a golf course recently? If so, expect to see it added within 72 hours. Here are the latest golf courses added to Mobitee:

Country State Name of the course Number of holes
China Lai lake 18
Ecuador Quito GC 18
Uzbekistan Tashkent Lakeside 18
Brazil Paradise 18
India Army Strike 9
Australia Victoria Buchan Valley 9
USA New York Deerwood – Buck 9
USA New York Deerwood – Doe 9
USA New York Deerwood – Fawn 9
China Beijing Topwin 18
Oman Almouj 18
Thailand Ubolratana Dam 18
South Africa Jan Kempdorp 9
Korea Mun Gyeong Leisure Town – Munhui 9
Korea Mun Gyeong Leisure Town – Gyeonseo 9
France Les Marches – Les Belledonnes 9 9
Argentina Fatima (C.U.B.A) 18
England Lincolnshire Grimsby Family – Woods 9
USA Arizona Quarry Pines 18
Argentina Ciudad de Buenos Aires 9
Australia New South Wales RAE 18
Argentina Highland Park CC 18
Norway Larvik – Seasidebanen 18
Norway Larvik – Korthullsbanen 9
France Salvagny – Chateau 9
USA Texas The Falls CC 18
USA Mississippi Sunkist CC 18
USA Texas Hidden Falls 18
USA Washington Cherry Hill 9
USA Florida Med (Sandpiper Bay) 18
England Sussex Boars Head 9
France Barbentane 6
USA California La Quinta CC 18
Korea Ecolian Jeongseon 9
South Africa Bredasdorp 18
Macau Macau CC 18
Macau Caesars 18
India Panchkula 18
USA Pennsylvania Deer Valley 18
Colombia Militar Bogota 18
Singapore Jurong – 18 18
USA Hawaii Waikele 18

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photo credit: sherwingoerlitz.blogspot.com

Prolong Your Holidays With Mobitee on Hawaii!

We’ve already taken you to play a golf course on Hawaii, and while most of Europe has already seen the first snow, it’s still around 75° F on these sunny islands. For those who want to prolong summer a bit we present a newly-added Hawaiian golf course – Makalei Golf Club.

What is so special about this course? Apart form the incredibly beautiful nature of the Hawaiian islands and one of the most favourable climates in the world, this course will also offer you the most serene and at the same time challenging golf to be found.

Situated in the Kona region on on the western slope of Hualalai Mountain, this course is a breathtakingly scenic alternative to the coastal courses experiences. Moreover, it is home to some of the most beautiful animals in the world: wild pheasants, turkeys, peacocks… This means your golfing experience here will always be unpredictable and unfogettable, just take your camera to make nice shots! 

What about golfing facilities? These 18 holes will be a challenge for golfers of all levels, because multiple tees can extend the course from 5,242 yards to a championship length of 7,091 yards, with the elevation from 1,800 to 2,850 feet! The course has special bent grass (not typical for Hawaii) on all its tees and greens, and high-quality  sand brought from Idaho (used in all the bunkers) and even some volcanic features: lava tubes, cinder cones and a hundred-year-old stone wall scattered all over the course.

And when we say picturesque, we mean it’s really picturesque: sometimes you might doubt you’re playing one and the same course, because the views are so very different – stunning 10,000-foot Mount Haleakala on hole 15, the mighty ocean on hole 9 and the jacaranda trees turning violet in springtime on hole 7… Isn’t that a dream for a golfer? Now you can play it with Mobitee!

Ocean as seen from hole 15

Here you can watch a video flyover of the 18th hole:

Here are some other courses Mobitee team has added for you this week!

Country State Name of the course Number of holes
USA Utah Talons Cove 18
Czech republic Horal 9
USA Tennessee Mountain Ridge 18
China Guangzhou International GC 18
Indonesia Merapi 18
USA Florida Stoneybrook CC 18
Australia New South Wales Glenmore Heritage Valley – 19-27 9
Thailand Bonanza 18
Austria Laerchenhof – 9 9
Austria Laerchenhof – 6 6
England Channel Island La Grande Mare 18
Nepal Gokarna Forest 18
Thailand Thanont 18
Belgium AGS 6
USA Florida Stonegate – Cypress 18
USA Hawaii Makalei 18
China Shenzhen Genzon GC – A 18
China Shenzhen Genzon GC – B 18
France Lyon Chassieu – 6 compact 6
Sweden Landeryd – Vesterby 18
Spain Castell de Godmar – Pitch & Putt 9
Norway Drammen 18
Spain Roc 3 – Pitch & Putt 18
England Lincolnshire RAF Coningsby 18
England Durham Eaglescliffe 18

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photo credit: www.makalei.com