Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant Offers Big Discount for the Holidays!

Mobitee Mobile Golf Assistant will be offering a 30% discount on our GPS app to iPhone (via iTunes), Android (via Google Play) and Windows phone users to herald in the New Year. Stuff the stockings of golfers in your life with the gift that will keep on giving throughout the golf season! Continue reading

Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Android 2.0.1 Version Released

In 2013, Mobitee released a BIG update with statistics for iPhone users. This version brought users many fascinating features and made our app even more powerful and useful. No other application for smartphones can boast the same list of features as Mobitee.

And now, as promised, we have published the same update for another major operating system – Android! Continue reading

Why Update to Latest Version of Mobitee GPS Golf App?

Mobitee Golf Assistant has all of the wonderful features that has made our GPS Rangefinder one of the top iPhone, Android and Windows applications in the sports market which is why we have over 200,000 downloads. So, why update your smartphone to the latest version? Continue reading

How to Use Scores and Recoveries Feature In Mobitee Golf GPS Caddy

What do all golfers wish for, aside from the holy grail of a hole-in-one? Most players want to improve their handicaps, which means that the ultimate aim is to make more pars, birdies and eagles while avoiding penalties and hazards. But, no matter how skilled you are in the game of golf, you will always have to work through these kinds of difficulties

This week’s featured Mobitee golf blog concludes a series of posts devoted to the use of our app to track and measure your golf statistics, namely, how to use the Scores and Recoveries components.

Mobitee Golf App Score SectionThe Scores section shows the general info on your holes played; the number and percentage of pars, birdies, bogeys etc. As seen from the screenshot above, Emily made 8 pars, 6 bogeys and 3 – 2x bogeys. One hole is missing (as we have only three lines on the screen) and it is birdie; to see it you should scroll down this area of the statistics screen.

Mobitee Screen Shot - ScoresNow let’s have a look at Recoveries. You should use Expert Mode of score edit to be able to track these stats.

Initially, you can look on your scorecard to see on which holes you have bunker shots and penalties, but for this example, just scroll down the area under NET STB – the holes will be marked with number 1.

Mobitee Net Stableford - EmilyNext, go to the Statistics screen to see your results in Percentage (%) in the Recoveries Section. It shows you three values: Scrambling, Penalties Save and Bunker Shots Save. Let’s go into each value a bit further:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.33.34 PMThe PGA definition of scrambling is the percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better. So, if you scrambled, it means that you made fewer than two putts on this hole. On the screenshot you can see that Emily claimed 1 scramble out of 8 possible.

Penalties save means that you finished a hole with par or better in spite of having made a penalty. In Emily’s round, there were 4 penalties and only once the score was par – therefore the percentage is 25%.

Bunker shots save is the percent of time a golfer scored par or better on the holes where he/she trapped into bunkers. If you have a high percentage here, this can only mean that you find the bunkers quite easily.

I wish you to score only pars and better and your recoveries section remain empty during and after your rounds!

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Mobitee GPS Golf App Update Now Available for IPhone 5

Mobitee, a leader in mobile golf GPS technology, has just released an update for iPhone 5 which includes the recent 6.0 software update. Android users have just received the 1.1.7 version.

This Iphone 5 update brings :

·         Screen resolution improvement for iPhone 5:

          Couldn’t enjoy Mobitee screen resolution to the full extent? Now, no black strips at               the bottom and at the top any more!


·         iOS 6 Bug Fix:

          Our Mobitee app has become even more stable.
          Standard status bar is used instead of a customized one.


·         My Bag Club Fix:

Were golf clubs disappearing in your bag? Now this bug is fixed. Add, create and save your clubs!

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Mobitee GPS Rangefinder adds aim and shoot distance accuracy to your golf game

Are you tired of carrying too many devices with you when you play golf…rangefinder, mp3 player, cell phone…? Mobitee wants to make your golf experience as pleasant and convenient as possible, so now you can remove one of these devices from your bag by adding our GPS golf app to your phone! This is just one of the many features the Mobitee GPS smart phone application will provide for you.

The rangefinder feature works to provide accurate distance information during a round of golf.

Just aim the device and Mobitee will tell you where bunkers begin, where the trouble is and this way, you’ll know how to avoid it!

If you want you can play your entire round in rangefinder mode; you won’t have to switch back to the satellite view to see the distances. Bunkers, hazards, doglegs will be avoidable but, of course, it is up to you to land the perfect shot!

Of course, you can also switch to landscape mode. Click here for more information on how to use Mobitee.

Mobitee uses the GPS and compass of your phone which means battery life is a concern. It would be very disappointing to play a wonderful round of golf and not even be able to tell your mate about it because of low battery charge!

Mobitee, however, is one of the least charge-consuming apps and it takes less than 30% of the charge per round for an average user!

The last but surely not the least argument for to try Mobitee is … the price! An average classic rangefinder would cost you about two hundred dollars while Mobitee costs under twenty-five dollars for the full app and you can try it first for free.

With a GPS assistant, scorecard keeper, distance calculator and virtual coach all rolled into one amazing app, Mobitee offers users the ability to play a smarter round of golf for a great value.

Go to NOW for your free trial and check out our great reviews on Google Play.

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