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Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant is available on all the popular mobile platforms from iPhone and Android to Windows phone. Our tech staff strives to make Mobitee equally powerful on all devices.

Three major operating systems mean three big updates. Mobitee has already developed significant updates for iPhone and Android. Now it is time to reveal our plan for the Windows Phone 8 OS. Continue reading

Combine Driving Accuracy Stats to Improve Your Golf Game

Last week in our Mobitee golf blog we talked about Greens in Regulation. Today we are happy to introduce you to another important part of statistics calculations available in Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant: Driving Accuracy or, in other words, Fairways in Regulation (F.I.R.).

The PGA definition of F.I.R. is “The percentage of time a tee shot comes to rest in the fairway (regardless of club)”. This kind of statistic is quite similar to G.I.R. with the exception that the maximum number of F.I.R’s per round is fourteen. The reason is that FIRs are not recorded on par-3 holes because you are supposed to reach the green after your drive.

In combination with G.I.R., Fairways-In-Regulation will be of great use to players of all levels and will help to reveal good and bad parts of the golf game.

Mobitee Driving Accuracy Statistics

Let’s start our review with the description of Expert mode in score edition which is required for tracking driving accuracy statistics.

You have nine options to mark your shots: mulligan (the shot will not be counted in score calculation), air shot (you missed the ball when hitting), penalty (you will have to hit once more from the same position), bunker (the ball landed in a sand trap) tee (in other words, your drive), left and right rough, fairway and putt.

Tee shot is always first, unless you made an air shot or mulligan, then you choose the type of shot depending on the surface the ball landed.

So, if you first (tee) shot landed on the fairway, you should choose fairway from the menu. Continue in this way till the eighteenth hole.

On the scorecard, F.I.R.’s will be indicated in the same way as G.I.R.’s – with green AIM images. Par-3 holes will be displayed as empty cells with a line crossing it diagonally. Left and right roughs will be shown as red left and right arrows. The total column shows the number of FIR’s for the whole round. In our case Emily scored 7 F.I.R.’s out of a possible 14:Mobitee Individual Stableford Scoring

Scroll down the screen to see your result as a percentage.

The driving accuracy scale is divided into three parts. The left and right portion show the number and percentage for left and rights roughs respectively. The central part displays the information of Fairways in Regulation for the round and is also colored differently, in a light green.

Individual Stableford Scoring Mobitee

As seen from the screenshots, Emily has hit 50 % Fairways, 29% left roughs and 21% right roughs.

Mobitee Driving Accuracy PercentageCombine these statistics with Greens-In-Regulation, analyze and start improving your golf game this weekend with Mobitee on your favorite golf course!

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The Most Important Golf Statistic to Lower Your Handicap

From the PGA Tour to experts who create wagering odds for fans attempting to select a winner from the field, the use of statistics is a necessity for understanding and improving both game and handicap.

Golfers who want to lower their handicap pay special attention to all parts of their game from tee to green but which statistic, do you believe, is the most important to track in your golf game?

Poll results from Titleist have proven that the most important statistic in golf is G.I.R. or how many greens you hit in regulation. If you’re on the green in reg and you are a decent putter, you have a good chance making par and par (or better) is what we strive for, don’t we?

A study of golf statistics done at New York University explains,

“Greens-in-Regulation is based on the concept of par. Par expects the golfer to reach the putting surface on every hole at two strokes below par.  If a golfer gets his/her ball on the green at 2 strokes or more below par, they are said to have hit the green in regulation.

In other words, anytime you are putting for a birdie or better, you have hit the green in regulation.  In order for a G.I.R. to be officially counted, your ball must be at least partially on the green (fringes do not count).  Using your putter from the fringe or apron does not count as a putt, and would not constitute your having hit a G.I.R.”

Do you track your greens-in-regulation?

Before May 2013 we at Team Mobitee had quite a lot of requests to add statistics tracking to Mobitee. We have now created an easy-to-use system which will assist you track your strokes and help you to better understand your golf game.

Beginning with iPhone version 3.0 (Android version is being developed at the moment) you are now able to track the most important statistics of your golf round from tee to G.I.R.

Mobitee Golf ScoreIn this golf blog, we will discuss how easy is it to use Mobitee Statistics Tracking for G.I.R.

There are two score edit modes in Mobitee golf app: Easy and Expert.

Easy mode is enough to track GIRs.

There are two columns on the screen: Score and Putts.

In the score section, input the total score for the hole and the Putts column writes itself – the number of putts taken for the hole.

Let’s say that Emily (our very own Mobitee Golf Assistant) scored par and took two putts at the first hole. This means that the ball reached the putting surface from the second shot; here the app will count it as a GIR. At this point, your percentage of greens-in-regulation will be 100% but will be automatically adjusted throughout the round.

Now let’s have a look at the scorecard…

G.I.R.’s will be indicated with green AIM images and red dots will mean absence of G.I.R. To see back nines just swipe the screen to the left.

Scroll down the screen to see stats in percentage. On that screen you will see the total number of G.I.R.’s for the round (11/18) and a diagram showing the percentage (61%).

Mobitee Individual StablefordMobitee Greens In RegulationMobitee GIR StatsDo not underestimate the importance of greens-in-regulation statistics during your golf round if you really want to sharpen you golf skills!

Try this new feature in Mobitee golf app and do not hesitate to leave your comments or questions: Team Mobitee will try to clear up any issue as quickly as possible (usually within 72 hours).

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