Smartphone, Social Media Infographic and Mobitee Statistics

Since Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant is engaged in mobile app development, this week we present an infographic with some quite amazing statistics regarding smartphone usage, social media network activity as well as a few statistics about Mobitee that you might not know. Enjoy! Continue reading

How to Use Scores and Recoveries Feature In Mobitee Golf GPS Caddy

What do all golfers wish for, aside from the holy grail of a hole-in-one? Most players want to improve their handicaps, which means that the ultimate aim is to make more pars, birdies and eagles while avoiding penalties and hazards. But, no matter how skilled you are in the game of golf, you will always have to work through these kinds of difficulties

This week’s featured Mobitee golf blog concludes a series of posts devoted to the use of our app to track and measure your golf statistics, namely, how to use the Scores and Recoveries components.

Mobitee Golf App Score SectionThe Scores section shows the general info on your holes played; the number and percentage of pars, birdies, bogeys etc. As seen from the screenshot above, Emily made 8 pars, 6 bogeys and 3 – 2x bogeys. One hole is missing (as we have only three lines on the screen) and it is birdie; to see it you should scroll down this area of the statistics screen.

Mobitee Screen Shot - ScoresNow let’s have a look at Recoveries. You should use Expert Mode of score edit to be able to track these stats.

Initially, you can look on your scorecard to see on which holes you have bunker shots and penalties, but for this example, just scroll down the area under NET STB – the holes will be marked with number 1.

Mobitee Net Stableford - EmilyNext, go to the Statistics screen to see your results in Percentage (%) in the Recoveries Section. It shows you three values: Scrambling, Penalties Save and Bunker Shots Save. Let’s go into each value a bit further:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 3.33.34 PMThe PGA definition of scrambling is the percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better. So, if you scrambled, it means that you made fewer than two putts on this hole. On the screenshot you can see that Emily claimed 1 scramble out of 8 possible.

Penalties save means that you finished a hole with par or better in spite of having made a penalty. In Emily’s round, there were 4 penalties and only once the score was par – therefore the percentage is 25%.

Bunker shots save is the percent of time a golfer scored par or better on the holes where he/she trapped into bunkers. If you have a high percentage here, this can only mean that you find the bunkers quite easily.

I wish you to score only pars and better and your recoveries section remain empty during and after your rounds!

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Combine Driving Accuracy Stats to Improve Your Golf Game

Last week in our Mobitee golf blog we talked about Greens in Regulation. Today we are happy to introduce you to another important part of statistics calculations available in Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant: Driving Accuracy or, in other words, Fairways in Regulation (F.I.R.).

The PGA definition of F.I.R. is “The percentage of time a tee shot comes to rest in the fairway (regardless of club)”. This kind of statistic is quite similar to G.I.R. with the exception that the maximum number of F.I.R’s per round is fourteen. The reason is that FIRs are not recorded on par-3 holes because you are supposed to reach the green after your drive.

In combination with G.I.R., Fairways-In-Regulation will be of great use to players of all levels and will help to reveal good and bad parts of the golf game.

Mobitee Driving Accuracy Statistics

Let’s start our review with the description of Expert mode in score edition which is required for tracking driving accuracy statistics.

You have nine options to mark your shots: mulligan (the shot will not be counted in score calculation), air shot (you missed the ball when hitting), penalty (you will have to hit once more from the same position), bunker (the ball landed in a sand trap) tee (in other words, your drive), left and right rough, fairway and putt.

Tee shot is always first, unless you made an air shot or mulligan, then you choose the type of shot depending on the surface the ball landed.

So, if you first (tee) shot landed on the fairway, you should choose fairway from the menu. Continue in this way till the eighteenth hole.

On the scorecard, F.I.R.’s will be indicated in the same way as G.I.R.’s – with green AIM images. Par-3 holes will be displayed as empty cells with a line crossing it diagonally. Left and right roughs will be shown as red left and right arrows. The total column shows the number of FIR’s for the whole round. In our case Emily scored 7 F.I.R.’s out of a possible 14:Mobitee Individual Stableford Scoring

Scroll down the screen to see your result as a percentage.

The driving accuracy scale is divided into three parts. The left and right portion show the number and percentage for left and rights roughs respectively. The central part displays the information of Fairways in Regulation for the round and is also colored differently, in a light green.

Individual Stableford Scoring Mobitee

As seen from the screenshots, Emily has hit 50 % Fairways, 29% left roughs and 21% right roughs.

Mobitee Driving Accuracy PercentageCombine these statistics with Greens-In-Regulation, analyze and start improving your golf game this weekend with Mobitee on your favorite golf course!

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Remembering good golf shots, keeping statistics is easy with Mobitee

What many customers would like to get from a golf app is statistics. Stats are very useful when you want to remember what golf club you used for a similar shot in a previous round before you play a shot and besides, it’s so delightful to make a great shot and see that you’ve beaten your own record!

Mobitee gives you a possibility to record any shot with the help of shot tracking.

Please note that you must be on the golf course to be able to use shot tracking. When in satellite view mode press on the red button at the bottom-left corner of the main screen and a window will open to save your starting position. Don’t forget to save before leaving the tee!

But… if you forget to save before leaving the tee box, never fret because Mobitee has got it covered!

Our golf app will ask you to save your starting position once you have hit your second shot. In this case don’t save your shot and the default starting position will be recorded, as well as your second hit.

Once your shot has been saved, another window will open allowing you to record the club used for this shot. The clubs shown are the ones in your bag that you have selected for the game. If you don’t want to record your golf club you can go to app’s settings and choose Save shot only.


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