Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Android 2.0.1 Version Released

In 2013, Mobitee released a BIG update with statistics for iPhone users. This version brought users many fascinating features and made our app even more powerful and useful. No other application for smartphones can boast the same list of features as Mobitee.

And now, as promised, we have published the same update for another major operating system – Android! Continue reading

Smartphone, Social Media Infographic and Mobitee Statistics

Since Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant is engaged in mobile app development, this week we present an infographic with some quite amazing statistics regarding smartphone usage, social media network activity as well as a few statistics about Mobitee that you might not know. Enjoy! Continue reading

Mobitee Free, One or Premium – Which of Our Apps is Best for YOUR Golf Game?

The twenty-first century brought with it a lot of technical improvements to all areas of life and golf is no exception. Long ago, players had at their disposal just the minimum required equipment which were clubs and golf balls…what about now? Continue reading

Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Presents New Features for 2014

Spring has finally arrived which also unofficially heralds the beginning of golf season for amateur golfers, who have to wait until snow melts and golf courses become green and welcoming again.

Team Mobitee has been dilligently forging ahead behind the scenes developing more and more new features, thus aiming to become the most full and reliable Golf GPS application for both iPhone and Android devices. Our Company’s target is to make your golf rounds even more pleasant and easy to handle! Continue reading

Mobitee CEO Discusses Golf Smartphone App Innovations Inspired by its Users

We’ve written blogs about golf courses and some of the features of our Android and iPhone golf app. In this article we have prepared an interview with Mobitee founder Stan Chapus and IOS developer Dmitri to introduce you to Team Mobitee and to inform you of exciting new updates to our Android and iPhone app.

QStan, there are a lot of Golf GPS applications in the Market, many of them are even free. What makes the Mobitee GPS Golf App different …and better from all the others?

Stan Chapus – First of all I would like to point out Stan_Chapus_Mobitee_CEOthat most of the golf apps are available only for one or two platforms. Mobitee is compatible with all the popular platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Bada. So, if you make up your mind to change your phone system, you will easily find our software in the app store you’ve chosen.

We have a wide variety of features compiled into one app. One more advantage is that you don’t have to pay a yearly subscription fee; we charge you only once when you buy Mobitee Premium. It should also be mentioned that we have а good working relationship with our customers. We always listen to their suggestions and then put them into practice.

Q – How did you come up with the idea of creating an application for golfers?

Stan Chapus – We knew about GPS Equipped Golf Carts. We found it interesting and helpful. When we saw the built-in GPS feature inside new Smartphones, we thought that it could be interesting to provide a personal GPS Assistant for each golfer.

Q – What inspires you and your Team while creating new features for Mobitee?

Stan Chapus – We are golfers and use Mobitee each time we play golf, so we have many ideas to improve and to make our app the most complete and easiest GPS Golf assistant for every player.

One of my iPhone developers, Dmitri, says “it is exciting when you read a very appreciative testimonial and realize that more than 350 thousand people are already using your app. You want to create more and more features to help the golfer’s needs.”

Q – How do you work with customers?

Stan Chapus – We have a great support team who receive customers’ letters and try to fulfill their requirements.  If a user sends us a course request, it is entered into our system and, within 72 hours it is available in the app.

If users have some problems with handling the app, the support team will also be of great help to them, answering questions and making sure our app is easy and fun to use. It is very rewarding for us to receive thankful responses from our customers.

Q – How are you going to reach out to new customers?

Stan Chapus – Our Application is considered to be the most accurate golf tool. It is not a gadget. It is easy and fast to use. Mobitee respects the player and the game. We don’t foul the app and litter the mailing boxes of our customers with advertising. That’s why new customers download and love our app. Also, in the near future, we are going to launch a sponsorship program.

Q – What are your next steps, how are you going to improve your app in the future?

Stan Chapus – 2013 will be amazing for Mobitee and its users!

Many new features will be released:  Statistics, many new game modes… we will also be releasing a new Community website to help users analyze their data and statistics, share information with friends and even meet new golf mates. So stay tuned!

Q – In which countries is Mobitee downloaded most of all?

Stan Chapus – Mobitee is purchased all over the world and, presently, our biggest markets are in the USA, France, the UK, Australia, and Japan. We have partners in many countries who promote our golf GPS app and by these means we are expanding our market.

Q – Is the app available for iPad, iPod touch?

Stan Chapus  – Mobitee is available for iPod touch, but as it has no built-in GPS feature so certain features like Rangefinder will not be available. Shot tracking will not be very accurate because the location is through wireless networks. As for iPad, unfortunately the app is currently not available on this device, but we are going to release it very soon.

Q – What feature of your app do you consider to be the most useful for golfers?  

Stan Chapus – Hard question to answer. I would say four features:

  • distances remaining to front / middle / and back of green
  • our unique flyover feature with Google Maps
  • Scorecard automatic calculation
  • And soon, the statistics

Q – Question for Dmitri; what can you tell us about the process of development?Mobitee_Tech_Dimitri

Dmitri – The process of development? Well, generally we draw new ideas for our app from the users themselves, who send their proposals to our mail and through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Ideas are first considered by the support team, then transferred to our managers who are devout golfers who can evaluate the usefulness of an innovation.

After confirming and clarifying an idea it is given to the designer who creates graphical specifications for the developers.

Next step is writing of the code. Thus the idea actually gets placed into the Mobitee app.

The final stage is testing until smoothness is perfected and bugs are fixed. We keep to such a scheme although, quite often, we use our unique ideas in the app. Each member of Team Mobitee can make suggestion(s) which can be released in the app. So if you come up with any ideas we are always eager to consider it.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask Team Mobitee via email:  Follow @Mobitee on Twitter and “LIKE” us on Facebook!

Mobitee GPS, the Ultimate in Golf Course Management

Have you ever wanted to have an aerial look down to the golf course you are playing to make your strikes more accurate? Have no doubt; so have all golfers at least once!

That’s what the feature of satellite view is actually made for! Nothing else can help you get to know the golf course better, especially if you’re playing on it for the first time.

Or otherwise… say you’re familiar with the course, but somehow have gotten a little out of position and need to know the precise distance you have to hit in order to get where you want. In both cases Mobitee satellite view is extremely helpful.

Mobitee uses excellent satellite images to show the approximate 35,000 golf courses already mapped so you can see and get distances for anything from tee to green, from bunker to fairway and the GPS yardage is quite accurate.

What most users like most about satellite view is the quick access to yardages for the front, middle and back of the greens for each hole.

Touch any spot on the map of the hole and you’ll get instant yardages to that point from where you are standing, and then the yardage (or meters) from that point to the green.

Or, you can press the white dot (player position), then drag and drop it anywhere you want on the map to get the distance to the green. You can also zoom in just like you would do with any photo on your smart phone: just double click the +/- sign or simply pinch the screen (with touchscreens having a closer look, it becomes extremely easy and enjoyable to do this.)

Isn’t it every golfer’s dream to see the course from a bird’s eye view?

Go to NOW for your free trial. You’ll be glad you did!

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