Mobitee GPS Golf Assistant Android 2.0.1 Version Released

In 2013, Mobitee released a BIG update with statistics for iPhone users. This version brought users many fascinating features and made our app even more powerful and useful. No other application for smartphones can boast the same list of features as Mobitee.

And now, as promised, we have published the same update for another major operating system – Android! Continue reading

Remembering good golf shots, keeping statistics is easy with Mobitee

What many customers would like to get from a golf app is statistics. Stats are very useful when you want to remember what golf club you used for a similar shot in a previous round before you play a shot and besides, it’s so delightful to make a great shot and see that you’ve beaten your own record!

Mobitee gives you a possibility to record any shot with the help of shot tracking.

Please note that you must be on the golf course to be able to use shot tracking. When in satellite view mode press on the red button at the bottom-left corner of the main screen and a window will open to save your starting position. Don’t forget to save before leaving the tee!

But… if you forget to save before leaving the tee box, never fret because Mobitee has got it covered!

Our golf app will ask you to save your starting position once you have hit your second shot. In this case don’t save your shot and the default starting position will be recorded, as well as your second hit.

Once your shot has been saved, another window will open allowing you to record the club used for this shot. The clubs shown are the ones in your bag that you have selected for the game. If you don’t want to record your golf club you can go to app’s settings and choose Save shot only.


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