Why Update to Latest Version of Mobitee GPS Golf App?

Mobitee Golf Assistant has all of the wonderful features that has made our GPS Rangefinder one of the top iPhone, Android and Windows applications in the sports market which is why we have over 200,000 downloads. So, why update your smartphone to the latest version?

If you haven’t updated recently, you may not have received new features such as:

* Statistics and Handicap Tracking

*Posting Scores and Birdies to your Facebook Account (by the way, we would love for you to TAG MOBITEE in these updates so we can share your great scores!)

*Updates to our Current GPS, Rangefinder, Aerial Flyovers and more to get the most precise readings.

*Updates to our 35,000 Golf Course List.


Read below for details and Update Your Mobitee App Today. You can also download a version to try on Mobitee.com.

Play good golf this weekend with Mobitee! Your Comments and Questions are always welcome: info@mobitee.com.

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