Mobitee Classic FAQ's

Can I buy the application directly on www.mobitee.com?

No. Mobitee is available to download from the Appstore for the Apple version, from the Google Play store for the Android version, from the Windows phone store for the Windows 7 and 8 versions and from the Appworld for the Blackberry 10 version (which uses Android OS)

Should I buy again the application if I change my phone?

Only if you change the operating system.

How to retrieve my bought app?

If you bought the app in a store, you should be able to retrieve your app from those stores (using same account used to buy Mobitee for the previous device).

If the app has been bought from mobitee.com you should contact@mobitee.com contact@mobitee.com

If you want to change OS, you should contact@mobitee.com contact@mobitee.com

Must I subscribe to use the application?

No. The Premium application is available at an average price of 21.90€ / $24.90. It's a "one shot" fee. Updates and support are free.

Which phones are compatible with the application?

Mobitee is compatible with the main operating systems. Please go to the specified stores to know if your device is compatible with Mobitee.

Loading golf courses and satellite views abroad

We recommend you to load everything before leaving the territory to be free of charge to use the foreign network. Using the software on a course abroad costs nothing to the extent you cut your internet connection. We remind you that, on the course, you only need to get the GPS activated to fully enjoy the app.

My golf course does not get any aerial view

Some areas of the world are poorly covered by the map providers (Google, Bings ...) This is the reason that we display or not the satellite views. We can only wait for the update of these areas. Note that some are covered but not up to date or not accurate enough. Each course is considered on a case by case.

The app drains my battery and I cannot finish the round

Please disable the 3G, the bluetooth, switch to sleep mode between holes and you must be able to use the app along the 18 holes. Note that new Mobitee users are so exited with the app that they use it a lot during their first rounds, which makes the battery draining a lot. Don't worry, this is a normal feeling :)

How do I change language?

Go to app settings and change localization. Then, Mobitee will use this new language automatically. As soon as your language is supported.

Could I change my Password?

Yes, please go to My Mobitee\ My account from your app to update your password. Contact us if you want to change your email address.

I have the free version. How much is the full version?

Mobitee, it's 2 apps:

FREE: Try our application on the first 5 holes of each course worldwide using ALL features.

PREMIUM: Unlimited use of all courses (+37.000). Around $24.99

Where can I find a user guide?

A fully detailed user guide is available from the application and your website. In case your language is not available, please contact us.

I don't want to receive anymore newsletter from Mobitee

Please contact us to contact@mobitee.com

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